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The whole process of creating and developing a website can be divided into 6 stages:

1. The initial stage of creating a website

For this step, you need to define the following basic site criteria, namely:

a) the purpose of your website:

creating or improving a company image
dissemination of information about the company or its products;
create, improve, or increase customer base and customer feedback;
increase sales of goods or services.

b) the target audience of the site:

Age of customers of your products or services
the social level of the customers of your products or services;
the level of income of service users;
These are just the basic basic criteria that you need to define for your understanding of the goals of the site, and you need to know the developers to consider these criteria when designing a website or individual products.

2. Request for site creation and (or) site development and specification of parameters and price.

To ensure the implementation of this step, it is necessary to specify in detail the parameters and scope of work, as well as the project price and payment terms.

You can easily determine the preliminary price, terms of delivery and volume of work through the order form or if you have any other questions – contact us.

We will respond to your order within 24-48 hours. In some cases, when it is not possible to accurately determine the exact price (not fully known works, list of works), we can provide a price range for this. The detailed and final price will be determined in the following steps. The criteria for the work should be clarified – we will send you a list of clarifying questions.

3. Conclusion of the contract, clarification of details of creation of the website and advance payment from 30% to 50%.

If you are satisfied with the parameters of the project, the price and the deadline for the works and you accept the conditions – we will bill you in advance. For small projects, a down payment of 50%. For large projects (which include design and web development, hosting, web product promotion), the initial deposit may be 30%.

You can find more information about the payment methods we accept in the payment section .

For small projects, the contract form can be the same order form. For large projects as well as at the client’s request – we prepare a detailed contract with a description of all project parameters and lead time.

4. Creating a conceptual web site design or web site design. (3 options).

To create a conceptual design at this stage, you will need to determine the structure of the site. For small (5-10 pages personal sites) the structure is easier to change or adjust. For large, this is unacceptable, as changing the structure can lead to the initial return of developers.

In any case, at this stage we are creating for you several variants (mostly 3) of design in a format that is convenient for you and common, such as JPEG, GIF, PNG. At client’s request the format can be changed. If you did not like any of the first three conceptual design options, we have 3 more options, based on your wishes and vision for the end result.

5. Cut design and create basic site templates, web templates or web animations and web graphics. Creating an HTML site and filling the website with content.

At this stage, after the conceptual design is adopted, we integrate the design into the appropriate format. If it is a simple personal site or site that is not focused on the use of dynamic technologies, databases, shops – then integration takes place in HTML format. Learn more about HTML. If it is a corporate site, commercial site or any site related to dynamic data processing – according to the task (site map) integration takes place in the technology defined in the development task. For example PHP, PERL, ASP, MySQL, Flash and etc.

At this stage, the design can only be changed by the client at an additional cost, since the design integration into the site system is complete and all design changes accordingly entail changes to the task.

The timing of this phase is also clearly set out in the contract or the site development task. But keep in mind that personal and dynamic and large corporate sites have a difference in workloads – therefore need a longer timeframe.

6. Final Stage – Testing, refining and accepting the website.

At this point, the product base is ready and the customer can see their site or product on the Internet on our servers (the path will be shown for viewing). Preferably this path will be as a sub-directory or subdomain of our site eg: “”. In this step, all details of the project, pages, design of elements, content, etc. are adjusted. The client finally accepts the project.

After accepting the work, the client pays the principal amount stipulated by the contract (task). After full payment – Your site is completely your property. If necessary, we create a complete archive of materials of the site and send the archive to the client.

This is followed by the publication of a website – or an online store on the Web. If the Client has a valid domain and hosting – we can, at the client’s request, publish the product on the specified hosting. In any case, we offer our clients a full range of services. Therefore, the choice of domain, hosting services, advertising company is also provided by us. If a customer is satisfied with our terms and conditions for these products – we publish and serve the client on our servers. This gives our customers a simple convenience and advantage – you do not have to spend time, effort and more money on other companies. You are dealing with us from beginning to end.

Believe me – none of our customers were dissatisfied. We do not have bureaucratic, conservative or unknown clients like in large corporations. Every customer is important to us, and we are excited to partner with and assist our clients at all stages of site creation or site support . And we also do not stop cooperating or assisting with any matters that we professionally possess.

If you like to quickly find out the basic parameters of the order – use our order form . If you have any questions, please contact us.



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